Family Law

Disputes between family members in a family business can often prevent the development the business and go beyond the scope of purely family law, occasionally developing into a criminal matter.

Our lawyers have substantial experience in resolving various family matters, including:

  • Advising on contractual arrangements between spouses (marriage contracts, settlement agreements, agreements for execution of parental rights, maintenance payment arrangements, etc)
  • Representation of clients in guardianship authorities, civil registry office, police)
  • Advising spouses on liability issues
  • Representation in courts, including divorce, separation of property, deprivation and restriction of parental rights, affiliation proceedings.

Most of our clients are families whose members have citizenship of different states and reside in two or more jurisdictions, which requires from our lawyers in-depth analysis of the applicable law, careful working out of a strategy for each particular case and the involvement of colleagues from foreign law firms.

When dealing with family issues we understand how important it is to keep each instruction strictly confidential, in order to resolve a conflict peacefully, whenever possible, and, of course, to accommodate the interests of any children.