Legal Support of Financing and Wealth Management

MGAP advises clients, including large banks, venture capital funds, people of high net worth on different legal issues related to their activities on the territory of the Russian Federation or in cross-border transactions with a Russian element, including:

  • The funding of projects (including real estate, IT, media, art, etc)
  • Asset acquisition
  • Corporate refinancing
  • Investments
  • Derivatives
  • The purchase of luxury items. 

We are highly experienced in advising on financing using international and Russian banks.


Our lawyers are specialists in this area and are experienced in developing legal structures for:

  • Project funding using foreign jurisdictions
  • Restructuring difficult debt for financial institutions
  • Supporting investment projects
  • Optimizing ownership structures for the assets of financial institutions. 

We provide comprehensive solutions using corporate and tax mechanisms which are available under the legislation of many countries, including European Union countries, Asia and USA. We have a wide base of professional contacts and carefully chosen partners and external consultants (trust managers, directors, corporate providers). MGAP oversees and controls the work of partners and consultants by means of contracts which protect the interests of our clients.


Financial and law block includes support to claims in the courts as well as the ability to connect to litigation funds – uniquely in today’s Russian finance market – in order to finance judicial protection.


MGAP provides specialist legal services to individuals of high net worth. MGAP advises on legal matters related to the media and entertainment industries, business, aviation, M&A, corporate law and litigation, including:

  • International tax planning
  • Resolution of inheritance issues and family wealth issues
  • Supporting changes in ownership structures in matters connected with changes in family status
  • Ensuring confidentiality regarding ownership of property and business assets
  • Creation of corporate structures and supporting emigration procedures, obtaining foreign residency permits and acquisition of foreign citizenship
  • Creation of investment structures for Russian and foreign companies
  • Legal implementation of ownership of property, works of art and luxury goods, including yachts, planes and helicopters.


A thin capitalization (loans between affiliated entities and persons)

MGAP is advising their client on debt assignment and tax consideration matters related to thin capitalization (loans between affiliated entities and persons).

The 1st Russian crowdinvesting platforme

Preparing a system of documents for that make the crowdinvesting mechanism possible, including a legal matrix for venture capital projects allowing the users of the crowdinvesting platform to complete all necessary procedures for an agreement between the parties in order to formulate the necessary terms and conditions for receipt or payment of private investment funds.

Legal matters regarding debts on a loan agreement

MGAP assists several hight net worth clients in resolving legal matters regarding debts on a loan agreement by preparing a set of documents focused on repayment of borrowings.


MGAP’s lawyers prepare a legal opinion on the tradability of cryptocurrency in Russia.

A business model in the field of crowd investment

MGAP advised a group of private investors developing a business model in the field of crowd investment on the choice of optimal corporate structure for implementing this model.

A legal support to de-offshorization

MGAP provides legal support to de-offshorization process. MGAP advised its private client on the matter of de-offshorization of their assets and provided legal support to the deals aimed at de-offshorization.

Purchase of the debts of a leading airline

MGAP formalises a case structure designed to acquire and subsequently sell off the debts of a leading airline.

A dispute over a credit agreement regarding property insurance

MGAP advises on a dispute over a credit agreement regarding property insurance. MGAP represented the interests of a group of private clients in a dispute with a Russian bank over presenting of final demands regarding the proper repayment of a loan. The bank claimed that they had broken the terms of their credit agreement regarding property insurance.

As a result of the claim and following discussions, the bank representatives refused to comply with the demands.

MGAP advised a client interested in financing films and developing film culture

MGAP provided legal support for rights acquisition to literary works, and negotiated with well-known screenwriters on behalf of its client.

Legal support of private investment deal in Moscow residential construction project

MGAP provides legal advice to high net worth individual re investment in Moscow residential construction project. MGAP prepared a corporate structure for a client’s project in three jurisdictions as well as providing tax advice on antitrust law for investment.

Dirty and Leprosarium, cult Russian online communities

MGAP provides a legal advise to a pool of investors on IP matters for cult Russian online communities Dirty and Leprosarium.

A complicated investment transaction permitting qualified investors to invest in a 3D animation project

From 2009 to 2011 MGAP participated in a complicated investment transaction permitting qualified investors to invest in a 3D animation project. Participants in the transaction were MGAP’s client, a well-known film production holding, and a major Russian investment company. MGAP was responsible for general coordination of the project, involving companies from three different jurisdictions as well as consulting on corporate law and intellectual property matters.

Russian 3D Mokap animation studio

MGAP advised on the financial and corporate structure of its client’s joint project with Channel One. Our IP team also carried out complex due diligence on the underlying material for the project.

Tax advice on gold trading in Russia

MGAP has provided tax advice on gold trading in Russia and prepared a legal memo for the client.


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Pavel Shaydurov

Head of Tax and Corporate Practice