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Web-based platforms, apps and instant messengers     

Dynamically changing law constantly establishes new rules for the business operations of web-based platforms, apps and instant messengers in Russia, focusing on extensive ground of blocking of respective websites and apps due to a wide scope of reasons – from copyright violation to failure to comply with personal data localisation rules. MGAP successfully represents web-based platforms and instant messengers in relation to their data protection, regulatory, and copyright issues.


Media content compliance

In the context of fast growing legal restrictions, production companies and distributors take on the responsibility for any content being in contravention of Russian law. MGAP has a unique and strong content compliance practice advising production companies and distributors on legal issues connected with the use of content in Russia in the light of legal restrictions. MGAP consults its clients on the following legal matters in the course of production and distribution of media content.


FIFA 2018: advertising campaigns

The final part of FIFA 2018 is planned to take place on Russian territory, and interest from clients is growing quickly regarding legal matters linked with advertising around this major football event. MGAP consults clients on all Russian legal matters connected with advertising at FIFA 2018, including: copyright, ambush marketing, antitrust legislation, alcohol advertising, outdoor advertising, etc.



MGAP represents clients whose product / service is related to virtual reality and provides help with regards selection of the correct legal model for their business. We consult our clients on the following legal matters related to VR: content ratings and age classification; user / customer agreements; license agreements; applicable law.


Product liability and consumer protection

MGAP consults companies whose business is linked to technology and IP, regarding product liability and consumer protection law, on Russia territory. MGAP represents producers of drones and helicopters, electrical consumer goods, fashion goods, electronic toys, etc.



MGAP consults clients on the tradability of cryptocurrency in Russiaas well as investment deals using cryptocurrency, including the structuring of ICO.


Complex legal support to project

We provide legal support at all stages of development, production, promotion, and distribution both inside and outside Russia: preparation of contracts with crew; licensing, merchandising and product placement; rights clearance; insurance, tax and immigration issues when contracting non-Russian contractors and talents; consultation on adaptations, and remakes for foreign projects.


Due diligence of IP assets

Due diligence allows for the assessment of basic risk for acquiring a rights catalogue or other IP assets, the risks of an existing corporate structure and system of management, and analysis of asset encumbrances. Due diligence is necessary when planning corporate or investment deals, especially if an acquiring party/investor under the agreement is a foreign holding.


Investors, co-producers and other partners

MGAP has provided legal support to a large number of co-production and investment deals. We have developed powerful legal tools for delivery of a project according to all contracts, agreements and with all rights protected in the event of a default by one of the parties. 


Corporate and tax consulting

We develop corporate and tax solutions in Russia and abroad, depending on the location of operations and assets, and the jurisdiction of partners and investors. Our worldwide network of foreign legal partners allows us to provide support to projects connected with the law of other jurisdictions.



We know the Russian advertising market well and as well as advising on actual commercials, we have substantial experience of indirect advertising: product placement, merchandising, sponsorship, and cross promotion. This is especially important for pay TV channels in the light of recent changes in advertising legislation and demands a well-considered and thought through legal approach to the production and screening of this kind of content. 


 The Legal 500 (EMEA) – leading firm

Chambers and Partners (Europe) – noted firm

Media Law International – ranking firm

Celebro Media, a global broadcast TV company who supply production, studio space and networks around the world

MGAP provides coordination from the point of view of Russian law of the process of joining Celebro Media as a new Russian investor.

MGAP represented a creative agency regarding an interior design project for the offices of a mobile network provider

MGAP advises a CIS division of FOX 20th Century on various compliance legal issues regarding distribution of content in Russia

MediaZona, popular media portal in Russia

MGAP is advising MediaZona on various Russian legal matters, including IP and corporate.

Badoo, a major online dating network

MGAP advises Badoo on various IT, corporate, labour and other Russian legal issues.

Magellan Systems Japan Inc

MGAP is advising IT company on various Russian legal matters, such as IT, corporate, tax and labor.

Magellan Systems Japan Inc - one of the world’s leading companies providing high sensitivity and high precision GNSS technology.

Ostrov Studio, a major Russian documentary film company

MGAP has advised Ostrov on its co-production with an international film studio, including drafting of co-production agreement.

DEPARTÁMENT, creative agency

MGAP has been advising DEPARTÁMENT on contractual, IP and privacy legal issues for celebrity management services provided by the client to a manufacturer of mobile devices.

LLC BU-Media, one of the former owners of Rambler Games

MGAP has been providing legal support of separation of assets between the owners of Rambler Games.

MGAP in the interests of Russian popular music band SPLEAN won a case in connection with the cancellation of trade mark protection

Option agreements with a screenwriter and a film director

MGAP advised its client on option agreements with a screenwriter and a film director.

City food and Local food brands

MGAP advised the client on corporate and IP legal issues in the course of raising investments into one of the popular city food market brands in Moscow.

Telecom Italia

MGAP has advised Telecom Italia on various Russian legal matters, such as IT, corporate, tax and labour.

Smart Course, career guidance for teenagers

MGAP advises the client on various IP, commercial, corporate and regulatory matters. 

Legal advising for messenger

MGAP provides legal support on various IT and IP issues for messenger. 

Product labelling and instructions for technology project

MGAP consult one of the largest international producers of robot technology on the question of Russian law as it applies to product labelling and the content of instructions accompanying the sale and the use of this technology in Russia.

Right to be forgotten in Russia

MGAP provides a legal advise to the client on legal matters relating to right to be forgotten in Russia. One of the main tasks of our lawyers was to consult with our client on how to set up a legal mechanism for correcting false information published about person on the Internet.

The 1st Russian crowdinvesting platforme

Preparing a system of documents for that make the crowdinvesting mechanism possible, including a legal matrix for venture capital projects allowing the users of the crowdinvesting platform to complete all necessary procedures for an agreement between the parties in order to formulate the necessary terms and conditions for receipt or payment of private investment funds.

The division of an internet gaming business between its owners

MGAP developed a strategy and prepared a folder of documents on the division of an internet gaming business between its owners, cancelling SHA on the conditions agreed by the parties on the transfer of assets to each of the owners; keeping to the goals as set out of minimising tax and time spent and concluding any lawsuits.

BAZINA.SASS+ creative agency

MGAP has provided legal support to a leading advertising agency BAZINA.SASS+and its activities in Russia. MGAP has advised the client on various commercial, labour and IP matters.

Music for animated TV series

MGAP represented its client, a composer, in a case related to the production of a new animated serial. The lawyers’ task was to make the agreement due for signature reflect the agreement and circumstances of the work planned by the composer with the animation studio, giving composer and studio protection against any possible abuse by the other party.

SPLEAN, Russian popular music band

MGAP has provided legal support to Russian popular music band SPLEAN and its activities in Russia. We have consulted our client on a day to day basis on all commercial and IP matters, etc.

SDELANO – the first scalable technologic secvice of home renovation

MGAP provided initial consultation on a client about the choice of optimal corporate structure as well as legal advice on acquiring domain names of interest to the client.

The possibility of overseas use of Russian tax advantages for domestic film production

MGAP advised a foreign film company on the possibility of overseas use of Russian tax advantages for domestic film production.

Illegal use of the name of a music group in an advertisement – the first litigation in Russian judicial practice

MGAP represented the interests of musical group “Zveri” in a dispute against the organizer of a concert, which took place in St-Petersburg as part of an advertising campaign for a new residential complex.

The concert advertising used the name of the group illegally as the group did not agree to take part in the concert.

The name of the group is registered trademark.

MGAP succeeded in winning full compensation.

Insuring risk for a film project

A filmcompany  (special programme award winner at Berlinale 2014) approached MGAP Attorneys at Law - as part of preparations for filming its new project - to seek help in securing insurance for the film.
MGAP Attorneys at Law prepared the necessary documentation and advised the client on minimising risk.
A major international insurance broker (a permanent partner of MGAP Attorneys at Law) prepared a package of risks and placed this with a reputable insurer.

Popular Russian Internet service –

MGAP has advised Coub Limited and its Russian subsidiary on IP, advertising, tax, labour, commercial and corporate matters.

An ambitious independent short film – «My Dear Fish»

MGAP provides full legal support to the production of an ambitious independent short film – «My Dear Fish».

The short film «My Dear Fish» was the creation of over 100 animation specialists from all over Europe and is the most successful short film project using a Russian crowdfunding platform.

«In spite of the great number of marriages, divorces, single mothers and fathers, there are still couples that live together and support each other in the most difficult situations. 

We are all born and die alone and are responsible for our own life, but couples who bring daily a sense of joy into a family are the ones to emulate.  Our film is about these people and our hope and belief that there will be more families of this kind.

Besides, in our approach to film production, we show that anyone who believes in their work and fearlessly follows their goals, will realise their dreams.» Taya Zybova, director, short film «My Dear Fish».

“Lend of OZ”, Vassily Sigarev’s new film

MGAP begins full legal support to production of Vassily Sigarev's new film.

White Mirror Film Company is a client of MGAP's and has started production on a new film by Vasily Sigarev.

Vasily Sigarev is a Russian director, screenwriter, dramatist, winner of film awards from Britain (Evening Standard Award), film festivals in Zurich, Germany, Portugal, France, Wiesbaden and the international press federation FIRPRESCI. Vasily Sigarev's plays have been presented at theatres in London and Hamburg.

The animated film «Alice Knows!»

MGAP provides legal support to new animation: «Alice Knows!». MGAP provided legal support to the new animated film from Bazelevs studio «Alice Knows» from early stages of development.

A large international animated project

MGAP has begun work on providing legal support to a large international project for production of an animated film and series.

The first criminal case to be brought in Russia against an owner of an internet resource for illegal film distribution

MGAP successfully represented the copyright holder of the film “Ironiya sudby. Prodolzhenie”.

Timiryazevshky district court delivered its judgement in the first criminal case to be brought in Russia against an owner of an internet resource for illegal film distribution.

The interests of the copyright holder of the film “Ironiya sudby. Prodolzhenie” were represented by MGAP’s Senior Advocate Yuriy Korchuganov.

A mediation process in a dispute between a major Russian TV production company and a screenwriter

MGAP successfully conducted a mediation process in a dispute between a screenwriter (MGAP’s client) and a major Russian producer of TV content.

An international electro-visual project

MGAP provided preliminary legal advice to a singer and writer of music and lyrics on protection of intellectual property rights and legal aspects of musical composition.

A licensing agreement between a major UK TV channel and a famous Russian documentary director

MGAP provided full legal support to a licensing agreement between its client Dmitry Vasyukov, a famous Russian documentary director, and a major UK TV channel.

The broadcaster bought the licence from Dmitry Vasyukov for broadcast of the European version of “Happy People” (edited by Werner Herzog) in Russia and CIS.

The comedy “Game of Truth”, film adaptation of a popular French theatre play

MGAP helped major Russian film company Bazelevs buy the rights to the comedy “Game of Truth”.

MGAP advised Bazelevs on investing in the production of the film, financial liability, and division of rights and income from distribution between Bazelevs and the owner of intellectual property rights.

The film which received high ratings when screened in summer 2013 is adapted from a theatre play popular in France and Russia.

The film “Gorko!”, the top Russian box office hit of autumn 2013

MGAP advised its client, major Russian film company Bazelevs, in negotiating a co-production agreement for the film “Gorko!”, and prepared deal memos with coauthors. “Gorko!” was the top box office hit of autumn 2013 in Russia.

Music licensing agreements with iTunes and Google Play

MGAP advised it’s client, a major Russian recording studio, in licensing agreements with iTunes and Google Play.

MGAP advised a client interested in financing films and developing film culture

MGAP provided legal support for rights acquisition to literary works, and negotiated with well-known screenwriters on behalf of its client.

MGAP consults on promotional campaign for “Gentlemen of Luck – 2”

MGAP provided full legal support on all issues relating to the marketing of “Gentlemen of luck - 2”, a remake of the well-known Russian comedy “Gentlemen of Luck” directed by George Danelia. The film is produced by MGAP’s client, and leading Russian production company, Bazelevs.

Developer of mobile applications, App Store

MGAP gives initial consultation to developer of mobile applications, App Store. MGAP advised on questions relating to intellectual property protection and legal aspects of software creation.

Legal support to top Russian animation studio expanding operations in US

MGAP provides legal support to top Russian animation studio expanding operations in US. MGAP developed a corporate structure for its client and covered the Russian tax implications of the proposed business activity in the US. MGAP worked in collaboration with the client’s US legal advisors on development and production issues related to broadcast in US.

Viacom International Media Networks

MGAP consults its client on compliance issues regarding applicablelegal restrictions inbroadcasting content on Russian TV, parental ratings, advertising, product placement.

MGAP provides up-to-date high level advice based on our unique experience in advising international networks in the light of increased legislative attention on mass media. 

Our clients include: Paramount Pictures, Paramount Comedy, MTV Russia, Nickelodeon, Paramount Channel and others.

Legal support in contracting Hollywood star to Russian film project

MGAP represents Russian film production company in contracting Hollywood star to Russian film project. MGAP advised its client on copyright, tax and immigration issues arising from the contract.

Legal advice to top Russian entertainer and TV producer on Russian comedy feature co-production with US producer

MGAP provides legal advice to top Russian entertainer and TV producer on Russian comedy feature co-production with US producer.

Using our substantial experience in cross-border co-production, MGAP represented its client in initial negotiations and drafted term sheets and deal memos on the project in order to fix preliminary arrangements between the parties.

The unique methodic of correction pedagogics

Author the unique methodic of correction pedagogics asked MGAP about pro bono legal advice including answers to the questions about intellectual property protection and legal aspects of her methodic creation for publish about correction pedagogics. This methodic is complex linguistic and audio materials for special needs children. By dint of use this material could make the grade in children’s speech defect.

MGAP has prepared agreement which provides her intellectual property protection for publish her methodic (including audio materials).

The release of CD in memory of the poet and social commentator Vasili Stus

MGAP provides full pro-bono support to the release of CD in memory of the poet and social commentator Vasili Stus.

MGAP provided and had signed all agreements for production and future distribution of the CD, including agreements with Vasili Stus's descendants, the poems' Russian translators, creators of the image on the CD cover in Stus's memory, cover text authors, actors reading the poems and sound engineers.

MGAP provided legal support to Olga Nikolaevna Boitsovoi - a teacher at the M.C. Shelkin Theatre High School of the Maly Theatre State Academy of Russia – for the creation of a CD in memory of the poet and social commentator Vasilii Stus.

Included on the CD were poems by Vasili Stus read in Russian by students and graduates of the M.C. Shelkin Theatre High School of the Maly Theatre State Academy of Russia.

An European film co-production

MGAP provides full legal support to international film co-production.

Followed by the Cannes International Film Festival since its development phase, the film is supported by Europe’s Eurimages fund and major European producers. Distribution rights to be handled by a well known international agent.

Aldeburgh Documentary Festival

Aldeburgh Documentary Festival has been being in England more then 10 years. The main Festival's targets are promotional documentary movie, young filmmakers, promotional alternative young international documentary movie in England.

More then 3 years MGAP has been providing pro bono legal support for Aldeburgh Documentary Festival: support of Russian filmmakers' workshops on Festival, providing legal advice of migration legislation (questions of arrival and departure in UK of other countries’ citizens and tangible mediums with projects of Festival's participants. 

MGAP has provided legal support of Sergei Mirishnichenko’s (Ostrov studio) and Sergei Dvortcevoi’s (filmcompany KinoDvor) workshops within the framework of Aldeburgh Documentary Festival. It was good opportunity for English people to see Russian documentary films and for Russian documentary films was being participant of English festival.

Dirty and Leprosarium, cult Russian online communities

MGAP provides a legal advise to a pool of investors on IP matters for cult Russian online communities Dirty and Leprosarium.

Russian-American film project “The Darkest Hour“

MGAP provided legal support for the filming and marketing in Russia of 20th Century Fox’s. The Darkest Hour, produced by MGAP’s client, Timur Bekmambetov.

Movie blockbuster “Yolki 2“

Released in December 2011, “Yolki 2“, is the blockbuster sequel to 2010’s box office hit “Yolki“.

MGAP provided full legal support to the film during its production, marketing and distribution.

A complicated investment transaction permitting qualified investors to invest in a 3D animation project

From 2009 to 2011 MGAP participated in a complicated investment transaction permitting qualified investors to invest in a 3D animation project. Participants in the transaction were MGAP’s client, a well-known film production holding, and a major Russian investment company. MGAP was responsible for general coordination of the project, involving companies from three different jurisdictions as well as consulting on corporate law and intellectual property matters.

The film “Apollo 18“

MGAP provided full legal support on all issues relating to the marketing of “Apollo 18“ in Russia. The American film was produced by MGAP’s client, Timur Bekmambetov, for Dimension Films.

Trial success in copyright case

MGAP’s client, a film production company, was recently involved in a conflict with a film director. The director was dismissed for illegally posting sketches, on-set photos and the shooting script on his blog, thereby violating the client’s copyright and disclosing confidential information relating to the film’s production.

The court ordered the director to remove the items from his blog and charged him over $7,000 for violation of copyright.

MGAP consults on large TV content supply deal

MGAP consulted on behalf of a TV content supplier in a major transaction with Rostelekom Company, one of Russia’s leading IPTV providers.

Our IP team was responsible for copyright, IT and liability aspects of the deal.

Russian 3D Mokap animation studio

MGAP advised on the financial and corporate structure of its client’s joint project with Channel One. Our IP team also carried out complex due diligence on the underlying material for the project.

Bekmambetov’s new comedy “Vykrutasy“ – the first Russian film starring Hollywood superstar Milla Yovovich

MGAP provided legal advice on the film directed by Leo Gabriadze and produced by Timur Bekmambetov.

White Mirror, film company

MGAP has advised White Mirror on various film production and distribution, as well as corporate issues.

Top Russian cinema box office – “Yolki“

Starring Russia’s most popular actors and celebrities, “Yolki“ topped the Russian and CIS New Year box-office.

MGAP provides legal support to its production, promo and distribution.

MGAP assists in incorporating and running The Alexander Piatigorsky Trust

MGAP has recently incorporated The Alexander Piatigorsky Trust registered as a charity.

The Trust is created in honour and memory of the recently deceased Alexander Piatigorsky, one of Russia’s most important philosophers and the author of “Remember the Strange Person“ (1999) and “An Ancient Man in the City“ (2001) amongst many other outstanding works.

Over the last year, MGAP’s Managing Partner, Sergei Gratchev was involved as both secretary and student in Piatigorsky’s last philosophical classes held in London. Sergei kept invaluable records of these classes which now form part of the philosopher’s legacy.

One of the Trust’s aims is to make information about the philosopher and materials from the final classes available to everyone.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about The Alexander Piatigorsky Trust please contact Sergei Gratchev.

Werner Herzog’s remake of “Happy People“

MGAP represented Dmitry Vasyukov, Russian documentary director of “Happy People“ in this cross-border deal. The film is a remake of Werner Herzog’s documentary of the same name about a small village in Siberia. Remade with Herzog as producer for Europe and USA.

The film “Black Lightning“ – MGAP advises

MGAP advised on Timur Bekmambetov’s latest film project “Black Lightning“.

“Black Lightning“ was one of the leaders of а New Year box-office in Russia.

Animation project “9“, created jointly by Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov

MGAP advised on the animation project “9“ created jointly by Timur Bekmambetov and Tim Burton. The film’s budget was $30 million.

“Wanted“, produced by Universal Studios, film starring Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman

MGAP advised leading Russian film director Timur Bekmambetov on the film project “Wanted“, his Hollywood directorial debut.

First copyright case in Russia won against mobile phone operator

Mr. Anton Vartanov, leader of the music group “Magnitnaya Anomaliya“, a client of MGAP, has become the first copyright owner in Russia to win a court case against a mobile phone operator.

The operator, “Megafon“, had been selling the group’s songs to its customers as ring back tones without Mr. Vartanov’s permission.

MGAP’s lawyers demonstrated to the satisfaction of the court that Megafon had failed to carry out chain-of-title checks to ascertain copyright ownership.

The court judged that Megafon had infringed the rights of the copyright owner, Mr. Vartanov, and ordered that the company pay him compensation.

Advising on protection of software programmes

The Russian film «First Love»

MGAP provides full legal services to production and distribution of the film.

“The Best Movie 2“, produced by Sony Monumental Pictures

MGAP advised Sony Monumental Pictures on one of its most commercially successful film projects in Russia “The Best Movie 2“.

Timur Bekmambetov’s sequel to the original Russian national new year film Irony of Fate whose box office takings exceeded $50 million

MGAP lawyers provide full legal services on the film.

MGAP was required to provide a multi-faceted approach to provision of legal services from the start. One of the first steps was the creation of a corporate structure for the production company before going on to provide full legal support throughout production.

In order to clear rights for the use of sequences from the original “Irony of Fate“, lawyers at MGAP produced agreements with the film’s many rights holders. In addition, MGAP was responsible for all contracts drawn up with cast and crew.

Following the film’s release at the cinema and on DVD, MGAP continue to act as legal consultants regarding the collection and distribution of profits from the project.

MGAP has successfully defended the film’s producers in a court case regarding infringement of author’s rights, as well as providing consulting services on ways of protecting the film’s intellectual property.

The film «Trackman», produced by Sony Monumental Pictures

MGAP provides legal support to the distribution of the Russian thriller of the film. 

The film «Waiting for a Miracle», produced by Sony Monumental Pictures

MGAP provides legal advice in analysing and preparing documents related to the distribution of the film.


MGAP has advised Bazelevs on various film production and distribution, corporate, tax, commercial and labour issues as well as dispute resolution. 

Bazelevs is an international film company and the leader of Russia's production industry. Bazelevs works in films and advertisement production, post-production and distribution.

National Instruments

MGAP advises the client on various commercial, tax and corporate matters of its activity in Russia.

National Instruments is a major producer of automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software. 

Multiplayer online games

MGAP advises the creators of multiplayer online games on various IP matters.

Navigator Records

Navigator Records is a major Russian music label. 

MGAP has provided legal support to the client and its activities in Russia. We have consulted our client on disputes in IP, corporate and commercial matters.


Sergei Grachev

Managing Partner


Yuriy Korchuganov

Partner, TMT Practice