Our Specialities

Asset Tracing and Debt Recovery

Since 2013, we have focused on the creation and implementation of an inexpensive and effective mechanism for asset tracing and debt recovery.

At the moment, we have successfully completed work on a number of projects for major and medium Russian banks as well as for investment companies. 


Recognition and Enforcement of Awards by Foreign Courts and Foreign Arbitrations in Russia

The process of recognition and enforcement of awards by foreign courts and arbitrations is carefully regulated by Russian procedural law. The possibility of recognition and enforcement of awards by foreign courts / arbitrations in Russia is ensured by the principles of reciprocity and international comity.


IT-Projects: Ways to Hold Down Own Business

Russia is now the largest Internet market in Europe and sixth largest Internet market in the world. With more than 85 mln online users it is still showing a massive state of growth. But most importantly with the average online segment investment deal size in Russia being $ 21.4 mln (compare to the world average of $ 10.2 mln) and the most common deal size of $ 1.9 mln.


Cooperation between Russia and Other Emerging Markets

Russian inadvertent response to sanctions from the West became not only famous for ‘import substitution policies’ but also boosted development of trade with territories and countries other than the EU and the United States. The Islamic Republic of Iran, alongside with BRICS and other associations, is the next cooperation opportunity for Russian businesses.


Screening and Compliance of Content for Distribution in Russia

In 2009 MGAP Attorneys at Law became the first Russian legal firm to provide a unique screening service for clients in the Russian media field.  By 2011 our experience of providing this service had grown into a special Screening and Compliance practice.