Natalia Martynova, Associate

Services: Corporate, Tax and Transactional, Employment and Immigration, Real Estate, Technology. Media. Telecom. Art.

Natalia is a qualified Russian lawyer with over 8 years of professional legal experience. At MGAP Natalia advises MGAP’s clients on corporate, commercial and intellectual property contracts and represents clients in civil litigation.

  • LLM, University of Houston, 2013
  • Graduate Diploma in Law, Tyumen State Institute of World Economics, Management and Law, 2005
Professional experience:

Before joining MGAP in 2009,  Natalia gained experience in managing tenders for state and municipal requirements and in labor law, while working for city municipal authorities.

Additional Information:

Natalia speaks Russian and English

Legal due diligence for a commercial property, with the added complication of that it was an object of cultural heritage

MGAP’s client was looking for investors and asked MGAP to carry out legal checks (due diligence) on the commercial property owner in Moscow and the documents to this particular property. MGAP’s checks formed the basis for the legal conclusion and recommendations regarding the full commercial use of this kind of object.

Representing foreign high net worth client in family disputes, involving the division of property in Russia

Movie blockbuster “Yolki 2“

Released in December 2011, “Yolki 2“, is the blockbuster sequel to 2010’s box office hit “Yolki“.

MGAP provided full legal support to the film during its production, marketing and distribution.

Russian-American film project “The Darkest Hour“

MGAP provided legal support for the filming and marketing in Russia of 20th Century Fox’s. The Darkest Hour, produced by MGAP’s client, Timur Bekmambetov.

The film “Apollo 18“

MGAP provided full legal support on all issues relating to the marketing of “Apollo 18“ in Russia. The American film was produced by MGAP’s client, Timur Bekmambetov, for Dimension Films.

Bekmambetov’s new comedy “Vykrutasy“ - the first Russian film starring Hollywood superstar Milla Yovovich

MGAP provided legal advice on the film directed by Leo Gabriadze and produced by Timur Bekmambetov.

Top Russian cinema box office – “Yolki“

Starring Russia’s most popular actors and celebrities, “Yolki“ topped the Russian and CIS New Year box-office.

MGAP provides legal support to its production, promo and distribution.

Success in dispute with Moscow Government

MGAP represented an investor in a long-term dispute against the Moscow Government. The Commercial Court of Moscow awarded over $4 million in damages to MGAP’s client to be paid by the Moscow Government.

Representing a client in court defending their business reputation

As part of a corporate battle and non-amicable division of a business with the original company owner,  an arbitration process was started claiming unfair competition and loss of reputation.

The court found in favour of MGAP's client and the decision was supported by higher courts.


MGAP has advised Bazelevs on various film production and distribution, corporate, tax, commercial and labour issues as well as dispute resolution. 

Bazelevs is an international film company and the leader of Russia's production industry. Bazelevs works in films and advertisement production, post-production and distribution.