The 90th Russian International Film Market

MGAP runs legal workshop at 90th Russian International Film Market.

The legal workshop focused on the legal issues involved in using music, photographs, trademarks etc. in a film and managing risk at different stages in a film’s life.

Whilst a compulsory part of film due diligence in Europe and US, in Russia it is not common practice. This workshop put new legal practices before a large and enthusiastic audience.

Led by MGAP’s media lawyers who drew on their experience of work on many major Russian and international film projects, the workshop was attended by film company representatives, distributors, actors, directors, as well as teachers and students of law from Moscow colleges.

Specially chosen film clips were screened to demonstrate the legal issues of concern to a producer and director. Participants were helped to make their own analysis of the issues as well as receiving feedback and opinions from MGAP’s lawyers.