Generation Campus, an international study programme for young filmmakers at Moscow International Film Festival

MGAP and major Russian film company Bazelevs organised a joint workshop as part of Generation Campus. Lectures and practical sessions over three days looked at the legal aspects of film production.

The workshop was divided into three sections: theory, meeting with experts and focus on participants’ projects.

In the theory section MGAP’s lawyers addressed key legal questions for producers in developing an idea, structuring a film project (choice of production type and finance type), legal points relating to production and post-production, and the terms of marketing and distribution agreements. Of particular interest was how to protect an idea and incorporating existing art works in a film.

Iva Stromilova, an executive producer and Maria Zatulovskaya, a development executive, both at Bazelevs, shared their experience of organising and delivering international film projects; as well, they looked at the kinds of problems that arise in the course of a film project and how to deal with them.

In the practical section, MGAP’s lawyers analysed the participants’ individual projects and made recommendations re audiovisual content and related legal requirements. Various risks were identified and categorized .

The final section of the workshop took the form of a panel event which reviewed film content risks in the light of recent legislative changes, including audience age limits. The participants, commercials producers and TV channel representatives showed particular interest in this area.