New approach to international tax planning for ТМТ business involves Russian part

MGAP and international tax advisers IFS Consultants shared their view on the last changes to Russian and international tax legislation.

The venue – Moscow office of StartTrack, major Russian crowd-investing platform. 

Speakers looked at ways of structuring international business with particular focused on IP assets.

Speakers reviewed different tax regimes for creative / development, licensing, and transferring IP as well as R&D.

Also speakers talked about tax residency of beneficiaries and provided information about passive income tax (dividends, interest payments, copyright royalties) in light of double tax treaties and policies of international tax administration.




Заполь                                   SAMSUNG CSC

Dmitry Zapol                                                 Pavel Shaydurov

International Tax Adviser,                             Head of Tax and Corporate Practice at MGAP

Partner at IFS Consultants