Asset Tracing and Debt Recovery

The crux of the problem

Debts in the country are sought and returned, but this process fails outside the CIS for various reasons:

- Complexity of simultaneouswork in several jurisdictions

- Lack of reliable contractors and lack of a built-in communication system with them

- The habitual high level of costs with the unpredictabilityof deadlines and lack of guarantees


What is our approach?

We have created and situated around the world our own network of partners specializing in international asset searching.

In the search for assets, we work with local law firms around the world. This allows effective and prompt recovery of assets after their disclosure.

In a number of cases, debt collection can be financed by a fund investing in prospective litigations.


Features of our work

Complex multi-jurisdictional disputes in which operational connection is required at different stages of the project work, and also in which the search is impeded by the debtor’s opposition.

Asset tracing in ‘uncomfortable’ jurisdictions (Latin America, Africa, Continental China, etc.).

The existence of effective design algorithms for the search and arrest of the property of debtors in different jurisdictions using the possibilities of profile detectives and official forensic procedures for disclosing information on assets and their freezing.


For more information, please, contact


Sergei Grachev, Managing Partner                    

Amiran Gogiberidze, Partner