Asset Tracing and Debt Recovery

The main problem


Debts inside Russia can be chased up and paid back, but this process fails outside the CIS for various reasons:

  • The complexity of working simultaneously in different jurisdictions
  • Lack of reliable local contractors and lack of a built-in communication system with them
  • The habitual high level of costs with the unpredictabilityof deadlines and lack of guarantees


We have developed a low-cost, high-return solution to getting your money back


How do we achieve this?

  • By working with litigation funders and ATE insurers who take on the financial risk on your behalf
  • By cooperating with local and international legal firms worldwide
  • Attracting partners who specialize in international tracing of assets in continental Europe (including Eastern Europe), Turkey, England, USA, Canada, Cyprus, BVI, New Zealand, Hong Kong and other jurisdictions


Our features


MGAP represents its clients in complex multi-jurisdictional disputes in which the asset tracing is impeded by the debtor.

We works on projects in which the asset tracing provides in ‘uncomfortable’ jurisdictions (Latin America, Africa, Continental China, etc.)

MGAP has developed the effective algorithms for the search of assets and injunctions in different jurisdictions using the possibilities of investigators and local legislation.


For more information, please, contact:


Sergei Grachev, Managing Partner                    

Amiran Gogiberidze, Partner