Representation of a music band regarding breach of advertising legislation

MGAP Attorneys at law represented the interests of a cult-favorite Russian music band in the Federal Antimonopoly Service regarding alleged breach of advertising legislation.

november, 2017

Won the case regarding unfair competition

Lawyers of the MGAP won a chain of cases in the Intellectual Property Court in Russia regarding alleged unfair competition in the form of purchasing a trademark. Despite the priority of the plaintiff's trademark, representing the defendant, lawyers succeeded in proving conscientiousness in acquiring the trademark rights and the legality of further use.

september, 2017

FIFA 2018 World Cup: advertising restrictions

Any major sporting event is always a good opportunity for advertising activity.

Undoubtedly, as the 2018 FIFA World Cup is coming up, and as its final part will be held in Russia, the legal aspects of advertising associated with this event become especially relevant.

Due to this, local legislation in this part shall be brought into conformity with the requirements of FIFA, which is an important requirement for conducting any FIFA events in the country which is hosting the Championship.

Yuriy Korchuganov, MGAP Partner, has prepared a memorandum about it.

Assisting in obtaining freezing injunctions in Belgian court

In the course of work with Belgian lawyers, MGAP managed to obtain freezing injunctions in Belgian court with respect to expensive power engineering equipment following successful recognition of the decisions of Russian courts in Belgium. 

august, 2017

Liquidation as a means of resolving corporate conflict

Since 2014, in cases where corporate conflict blocks a company's activities, Russian law has allowed company members to demand the company's judicial liquidation.

Before the change in the law a company undergoing extended internal corporate conflict was virtually doomed to bankruptcy, and company members were liable for huge material losses. The situation has now changed.

Liquidation as a means of resolving conflict can bring corporate disputes to an end at an early stage and allow property to be distributed between company members after any settlements with creditors.

Pavel Shaydurov, MGAP Head of Tax and Corporate Practice, and Denis Zverev, MGAP Junior Associate, have prepared a memorandum about it.

june, 2017

Advising a well-known messenger

MGAP Attorneys at law advised a US based headquarter of Imo, a well-known messenger, regarding personal data protection requirements and liaising with RosComNadzor, a Russian watchdog in the field of Internet and information.

Complex legal IP due diligence

Lawyers of the MGAP carried out a complex legal due diligence (IP, personal data, employment, etc.) of ‘Top Trader’ project, an online platform for trading on financial, securities and commodities markets.

may, 2017

Assisting in enforcement of the agreement in Swiss courts

MGAP Attorneys at law coordinated the work of a team of Swiss and Hong Kong lawyers in the course of preparation a comprehensive legal opinion for Swiss courts on legal nature of loan agreements. Within the said project the team managed to convince the Swiss court to allow enforcement of the loan agreement against the debtor residing in Switzerland.

april, 2017

The Legal 500 in their 2017 editions praised MGAP for our excellent reputation

We are proud to announce that the Internationally-renowned legal rating organisation, the Legal 500, have once again, in their 2017 edition, praised MGAP for our excellent reputation in technology, media & telecom as well as M&A, corporate and commercial in Russia.

The Legal 500 referred to MGAP as follow: “MGAP Attorneys at Law’s ‘highly competent’ team has ‘great problem-solving capacity’ and ‘effectively manages a vast array of tasks’.

Yuriy Korchuganov and Anna Alekseeva, MGAP junior partners, have been awarded with a recommendation.

We think that’s pretty incredible and would like to take this opportunity to thank our great clients & partners for their references and really cool projects!

march, 2017

Obtaining interim injunctions in Cyprus

As a result of successful coordination of work of lawyers, MGAP managed to obtain various interim injunctions (Norwich Pharmacal, Interim Receiver, etc.) by the court of Cyprus in the dispute against the Cyprus company.