Corporate and Financial Support Team (UK)





Stuart is looking after our client’s corporate affairs in the UK and their relations with banks and other financial institutions as well as government and regulatory bodies.


  • Bachelor of Science (BSC) Integrative Counselling.
  • Diploma H.E, Person-Centred Counselling;
  • Conduct and Capability Manager Suffolk County Council Course;
  • Magistrates training Department Constitutional Affairs England and Wales.

Professional experience:

  • Stuart started his career as a Military Policeman with HM Forces UK and overseas.Later, whilst working for the Metropolitan Police, Stuart was a key liaison with partners, internally and externally, including the Home Office and other community safety units working on developing and implementing police and multi agency strategies and policies in relation to community safety and cultural and diversity awareness.His experience includes detection and investigation of social, domestic and hate crimes, serious sexual assaults, domestic violence, complex theft and deception, emerging cyber crime, and conducting comprehensive investigations into suspected and potential fraud cases.Stuart has an excellent current legislative knowledge including PACE and money laundering legislation as well as the POCA and Bribery Act.Stuart is currently acting as a Magistrate/Lay Judge. He is a member of the specialist panel for the family proceedings court which deals with private and public family cases.As a Magistrate and a qualified chairman, he is responsible for the overall running of court business, providing leadership, advice and effectiveness of case management regarding the advocates, court staff and ancillary services. When sitting, to consider the evidence in each contested case and reach a verdict.

Professional societies and ratings:

  • Member of the International Business Structuring Association;
  • Member of the British association of councillors and psychotherapists (BACP);
  • Full member Institute Of Directors (IOD)