Maya Shibanova, Of Counsel

Services: Corporate, Tax and Transactional, Dispute Resolution

Maya is an advocate with wide experience in corporate and commercial law, M&A procedures, corporate structuring in Russia and abroad. Maya specialises in legal aspects of setting up businesses ‘from scratch’ including corporate structure, contracts, employment law.

She has a strong professional interest in aviation law and unique experience in legal support of commercial deals with aircraft.

Maya has considerable experience in representing clients in the arbitration and state courts including cases involving foreign companies.

  • Graduate Diploma in Law, National Law Academy, Kharkov, 2000
  • Post-graduate course in International Law, State Institute of Sea Transport, Moscow, 2003
Professional experience:

Previously, Maya worked in the agro-industrial department of The State Duma of the Russian Federation. She also worked as a specialist in corporate and commercial law in a major Russian law firm. In 2006 Maya had an internship in London as an assistant solicitor in a law firm.

Professional societies and ratings:

Advocate, member of Moscow Regional Bar, registration number 50/5159

Additional Information:

Maya speaks Russian and English.

National Instruments

MGAP advises the client on various commercial, tax and corporate matters of its activity in Russia.

National Instruments is a major producer of automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software. 

Nielsen, a world leader in market research

MGAP has consulted the Nielsen company, on various matters of its activity in Russia.

Smart Course, career guidance for teenagers

MGAP advises the client on various IP, commercial, corporate and regulatory matters. 

Due diligence on Russian holding companies with a licence to mine and process mineral deposits

As legal adviser MGAP was a part of its client's international project to buy a controlling number of shares in a company registered in the US in Delaware State with subsidiaries in several jurisdictions.

Tax advice on gold trading in Russia

MGAP has provided tax advice on gold trading in Russia and prepared a legal memo for the client.

MGAP provides legal advice to a foreign company on the structuring of a holding which owns and rents out commercial property in Moscow

MGAP put together a proposal that took into account the relevant tax, civil and land laws which allowed the client to buy the property. MGAP provided legal support to the project and became sole legal consultants for the holding in Moscow.

One of the major French publishing house

MGAP advises the client on sanitary-epidemiological requirements for the import of printed products into Russia. 

MGAP assists in incorporating and running The Alexander Piatigorsky Trust

MGAP has recently incorporated The Alexander Piatigorsky Trust registered as a charity.

The Trust is created in honour and memory of the recently deceased Alexander Piatigorsky, one of Russia’s most important philosophers and the author of “Remember the Strange Person“ (1999) and “An Ancient Man in the City“ (2001) amongst many other outstanding works.

Over the last year, MGAP’s Managing Partner, Sergei Gratchev was involved as both secretary and student in Piatigorsky’s last philosophical classes held in London. Sergei kept invaluable records of these classes which now form part of the philosopher’s legacy.

One of the Trust’s aims is to make information about the philosopher and materials from the final classes available to everyone.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about The Alexander Piatigorsky Trust please contact Sergei Gratchev.

MGAP success in Sheremetyevo Customs case

MGAP represented its client in an appeal in an arbitration court against Sheremetyevo Customs.

MGAP successfully argued that the right to claim VAT relief should be available to a taxpayer whether or not they claim VAT relief in customs documents.

This significant decision changed the case law on this point.