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MGAP provides special legal services to high net worth individuals. MGAP advises on legal matters related to the media and entertainment industries, business, aviation, real estate, M&A, corporate law, tax, immigration, family law and litigation, including:

  • International tax planning
  • Advising on inheritance and family wealth issues
  • Creation of investment structures for Russian and foreign companies
  • Legal implementation of ownership of property, works of art, and luxury goods including yachts, planes and helicopters
  • Developing  corporate structures and supporting emigration procedures, obtaining foreign residency permits and acquisition of foreign citizenship
  • Following up the changes in ownership structures connected with changes in family structure
  • Tax issues arising from divorce, change of residence, purchase and sale of various kinds of property including real estate and vehicles
  • Advising on contractual arrangements between spouses (marriage contracts, settlement agreements, agreements for execution of parental rights, alimony obligations, etc.)
  • Representation in courts, including cases such as divorce, division of property, termination and limitation of parental rights, and establishment of paternity


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