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Our team understands the importance of social responsibility and undertakes pro bono work (free of charge and without expectation of future payments) to support individuals and organisations that provide socially productive activity. These projects represent 5% of our total work load.

Our permanent pro bono client is the Sunflower Charity Foundation that helps children with immune system disorders.

MGAP provides and arranges the following for the Sunflower Fund:

  • Donation agreements (money donations, toys and furniture donations for furnishing children’s playrooms in Russian hospitals)
  • Contracts for the sale and delivery of medicine for treating children
  • Agreements with employees
  • Documentation for the Sunflower Fund charity events
  • Documents for the Sunflower Fund’s support of children undergoing treatment in Russian hospitals

MGAP also advises the Sunflower Fund on questions of legislation, litigation, and law enforcement.

MGAP helps parents of children under the Fund’s care to lodge legal complaints against the Russian government and regional authorities that refuse  to provide free of charge medical or drug support to Russian citizens.  We helped to provide medicine free of charge for children suffering from life-threatening immune system disorders in regions of the Russian Federation, including the regions of Bashkortostan, Kalmykia, Udmurtia, the Perm Territory, Lipetsk, Yaroslavl and Chelyabinsk.

The Sunflower Charity Foundation

Founded in 2006, the Sunflower fund works to save the lives of babies and children with immune system disorders.

The Foundation raises money to purchase expensive pharmaceutical drugs for children up to age of 18 with life-threatening immune system disorders, including:

  • Primary immunodeficiency
  • Severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome
  • Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome
  • And others

Doctors can only apply for payments to treat patients with a proven medical history.

The Fund organises weekly arts activities, special events and concerts for children undergoing immune-related medical treatment in Russian hospitals.

Since its inception, the Sunflower Fund has helped hundreds of children. This is made possible through the help and support of Russian companies and individuals. All funds donated to the Sunflower Fund are used for treating children. The fund’s  administrative costs are covered by other sources.

  • MGAP assists in incorporating and running The Alexander Piatigorsky Trust

    MGAP has recently incorporated The Alexander Piatigorsky Trust registered as a charity.The Trust is created in honour and memory of the recently deceased Alexander Piatigorsky, one of Russia’s most important philosophers and the author of “Remember the Strange Person“ (1999) and “An Ancient Man in the City“ (2001) amongst many other outstanding works.Over the last year, MGAP’s Managing Partner, Sergei Gratchev was involved as both secretary and student in Piatigorsky’s last philosophical classes held in London. Sergei kept invaluable records of these classes which now form part of the philosopher’s legacy. One of the Trust’s aims is to make information about the philosopher and materials from the final classes available to everyone.If you have any questions or would like to learn more about The Alexander Piatigorsky Trust please contact Sergei Gratchev.

  • The illegal reduction of salaries in cutting a bonus paid to class teachers

    MGAP  helps a group of teachers from the city of Korolev to make an appeal again the General Procurator of the Russian Federation regarding the carrying out of law enforcement procedures on the territory of Russia. MGAP advocates as part of their Pro bono work, helped the teachers file a complaint against the General Procurator of the Russian Federation asking him to reconsider the illegal reduction of salaries in cutting a bonus paid to class teachers, and to take measures to punish this action by the Procurator.

  • The unique methodic of correction pedagogics

    Author the unique methodic of correction pedagogics asked MGAP about pro bono legal advice including answers to the questions about intellectual property protection and legal aspects of her methodic creation for publish about correction pedagogics. This methodic is complex linguistic and audio materials for special needs children. By dint of use this material could make the grade in children’s speech defect. MGAP has prepared agreement which provides her intellectual property protection for publish her methodic (including audio materials).

  • Aldeburgh Documentary Festival

    Aldeburgh Documentary Festival has been being in England more then 10 years. The main Festival's targets are promotional documentary movie, young filmmakers, promotional alternative young international documentary movie in England. More then 3 years MGAP has been providing pro bono legal support for Aldeburgh Documentary Festival: support of Russian filmmakers' workshops on Festival, providing legal advice of migration legislation (questions of arrival and departure in UK of other countries’ citizens and tangible mediums with projects of Festival's participants.  MGAP has provided legal support of Sergei Mirishnichenko’s (Ostrov studio) and Sergei Dvortcevoi’s (filmcompany KinoDvor) workshops within the framework of Aldeburgh Documentary Festival. It was good opportunity for English people to see Russian documentary films and for Russian documentary films was being participant of English festival.