The main problem

Debts inside Russia can be traced and collected with ease, but this process becomes far more complex as we move outside the Commonwealth of Independent States. Reasons for this are varied, including:

  • The complexity tied to simultaneous work in different jurisdictions
  • The lack of reliable local contractors, made more complex by the absence of a built-in communication system with them
  • The lack of guarantees, paired up with the high costs of the procedure and the unpredictability of deadlines

For these reasons, MGAP has developed a low-cost, high-return solution to get our clients money back

How is this achieved?

  • By working with litigation funders and ATE insurers who take on the financial risk on our client’s behalf
  • By cooperating with local and international legal firms worldwide
  • By attracting partners specialized in international tracing of assets over continental Europe and the world (including, but not limiting to, Eastern Europe, Turkey, England, USA, Canada, Cyprus, British Virgin Islands, New Zealand, and Hong Kong)

Our services

MGAP represents their clients in complex cross-jurisdictional disputes in which asset tracing is impeded by the debtor. This includes working on projects in which the asset tracing is carried out in “challenging” jurisdictions (including Latin America, Africa, continental China)

For this purpose, MGAP has developed effective algorithms for searching assets and injunctions in different jurisdictions, using both the abilities of investigators and local legislation.