A brief overview of the litigation between Roskomnadzor and Linkedin Corporation

On November 30, 2016, the decision of the court of appeal was published in full, which made it possible to analyze the grounds for the judicial board's decision to block LinkedIn in Russia.

The key point of the dispute was the absence on the territory of Russia of databases with the help of which the personal data of LinkedIn users was processed. Since there were no databases, the court's decision is not unexpected, taking into account that the provision of the law on the need to have these databases is formulated very clearly.

In the absence of databases, the arguments of online resources about the multi-legal nature of their activities and references to the fact that these resources are managed by non-Russian companies will not be accepted by Russian courts. Of course, this should be taken into account by other resources that collect personal data of Russian users.

More detailed information can be found inthe review prepared by MGAP Junior Partner (TMT Practice) Yuri Korchuganov and MGAP Lawyer Natalia Menshenina.