Recent changes in the legislation on the protection of intellectual property from illegal use on the Internet

From May 1, 2015, the Federal Law of 24.11.2014 No. 364-FZ for copyright holders introduces a new opportunity to block access to sites containing any pirated content (objects of copyright and / or related rights, except for photographs, hereinafter referred to as the "Content").

The relevant amendments supplemented the provisions of the legislation that previously allowed similar measures to be applied only to sites containing pirated films.

Also, the amendments fix the extrajudicial procedure for submitting an application of the copyright holder to the owner of the site, which allows you to achieve the removal of the violating Content without going to court. At the same time, there will be stricter rules regarding the permanent blocking of sites that have repeatedly hosted pirated Content.

A brief overview of these legislative changes can be found in the information letter of the MGAP law office.