An ambitious independent short film – «My Dear Fish»

MGAP provides full legal support to the production of an ambitious independent short film – «My Dear Fish». The short film «My Dear Fish» was the creation of over 100 animation specialists from all over Europe and is the most successful short film project using a Russian crowdfunding platform. «In spite of the great number of marriages, divorces, single mothers and fathers, there are still couples that live together and support each other in the most difficult situations.  We are all born and die alone and are responsible for our own life, but couples who bring daily a sense of joy into a family are the ones to emulate.  Our film is about these people and our hope and belief that there will be more families of this kind. Besides, in our approach to film production, we show that anyone who believes in their work and fearlessly follows their goals, will realise their dreams.» Taya Zybova, director, short film «My Dear Fish».