Payment of financial support for a child without custody of parents

MGAP successfully represented in the appeal court their client, a disabled adopted child which the custody and guardianship authorities had unlawfully refused to pay a monthly allowance guaranteed by the state. The custody and guardianship authorities claimed that the child, who was adopted in one Russian town and moved to another town with his adoptive parents , had no right to receive monthly financial support.  These authorities were supported by the regional court of the city that the child and his adoptive parents moved to. However the appeal court agreed with MGAP’s argument that the child, adopted on Russian territory by Russian citizens has the right to material support from the state regardless of where they live in Russia. As a result the appeal court ordered the custody and guardianship authorities to: –Pay the adopted child a monthly allowance for the entire time the allowance should have been paid but in fact had not been paid, – Pay a monthly allowance to the adopted child from the state until the child reaches the age of 18.