“Let’s face it, not many people like contacting a lawyer usually because it’s connected with big problems. Besides, communication with a lawyer is often not straight forward and may not go as expected. All cases are different, losing a case in court could make a client very unhappy, or it could be a simple case of divergence of views.  As a result  - lawyers might change but the problem remains unsolved.

A lawyer is like a personal doctor – a client should trust in them and in themselves. Success is mostly built on trust.  And the main aim of a lawyer – is to justify this trust.

We have been trusted for over 15 years. The reason for this is that our lawyers know and love their work; we see each new task as a challenge, and take it on with respect for our clients and believing in their success.

Working with us you don’t buy our time, you acquire confidence and safety. We help you to overcome all obstacles and advise you if things don’t go as planned.

Welcome to MGAP. I am sure our collaboration will be long-lasting.” 


Sergey Grachev, MGAP’s Managing Partner.



MGAP Attorneys at Law is a modern, constantly-developing company, recommended on Russian and international markets as a reliable and effective legal adviser.

We work on each project using the individual approach – we find a unique solution to fit your situation taking into account all details and concerns.

For each new project we select a team. We only choose those specialists who can deliver the best and most effective outcome. Depending on the type of issue, lawyers from a variety of specialist backgrounds are selected to bring the widest possible range of solutions and minimize risk.

Our worldwide network of partners help us provide support to projects connected with the law of other jurisdictions or related areas such as insurance, IPO, financial audit, patents etc.

We understand the legal principles and business models that form the basis of the latest technologies; these define our methods of creating and completing projects, allow us to work at the forefront of our profession and offer our clients the most effective and modern legal solutions for their issues.

Our approach avoids using templates to solve issues and allows us to solve a client’s problem using maximum effort and speed and at the highest professional level. 


MGAP’s founding team was formed in 1998 in Moscow. A few years later the same team went on to create MGAP Attorneys at Law which continues to thrive and grow to the present day.

In 2007 MGAP Attorneys at Law became the first Russian member of The Law Society of England and Wales International Division. 

A key element of our work is with businesses needing legal support for international projects. For foreign companies we help ensure their operations in Russia are secure and transparent, and the same for Russian companies trading in Western markets, taking into account the different legal regulations for business in other countries.

MGAP today consists of a team of professionals with a strong reputation in TMT&IP, M&A, Corporate and Commercial Law, Financial Markets, Real Estate, as well as Dispute Resolution. 


All information received from our clients and services provided to them by MGAP, is confidential and protected by professional legal privilege under Russian legislation.